In the Romagna area of the Emilia Romagna Region, among the rolling hills of the Conca Valley close to the Adriatic Sea, four generations of the Fraternali Grilli family have produced and traded their high-quality extra-virgin olive oil.
Mr. Nazzareno Fraternali Grilli, who founded the farm based his experience as agricultural baliff, began the family’s olive growing and selling during the second half of the 19th century. And his heirs have proudly continued to carry out that tradition.

The family’s roughly 8 hectares of olive orchards lie on the outskirts of the small town of Montegridolfo, in an area that boasts centuries-old olive growing traditions; indeed, various documents dating back to medieval times attest to this history. Three types of olive trees exist on the Fraternali Grilli lands: the correggiolo, leccino and pendolino varieties.
Olive oil is a precious, indispensible element of Italian cuisine as well as the Mediterranean diet, supplying as it does the proper quantity of fatty acids required for a balanced metabolism.

Furthermore, the specific climatic conditions of the Montegridolfo area positively influence the qualitative attributes of the extra-virgin olive oil produced by the Primo Fraternali Grilli farm. Our olive oil is delicate, balanced and boasts good central ‘body’.
These distinctive attributes are the result of the continual care dedicated to the tilling of our olive orchards. Furthermore, the olive harvest is carried out exclusively with manual labour. The olives are picked at just the right stage of ripeness, and kept in perforated boxes that insure areation until milling. Within 24-36 hours after picking a cold-pressing water mill system extracts our extra-virgin olive oil.

All the factors outlined above determine the extremely low acidity and superior quality of our olive oil, guaranteeing a product that keeps exceptionally well. These characteristics have allowed the Primo Fraternali Grilli Farm to receive recognition and diverse awards in recent years.