One of the fundamental elements of the identity of the lands that lay under the dominion of the Malatesta family was the numerous military structures. The architecture of these forts, towers, fortified bridges and city walls may still be admired, and can be said to constitute the backbone of the Malatesta lands.  Montegridolfo had and still maintains a watchtower position on the crest that divides the Conca valley, on the Emilia-Romagna Region side, from the Foglia River valley side, on the Marches Region side.  It is a small hill town encircled by imposing walls, with access protected by a tower with its existing medieval-era door, an intact old town which has been restoration and refurbishment over the last several years, with the aim to increase the town’s cultural offerings, and therefore its possibilities to attract gastronomic tourism and visitors for the hotels.

“The inhabitants of Montegridolfo, almost without exception farmers, are hard-working and honest, and (both) poverty and excessive luxury have little place among them (…) Montegridolfo is an important centre, full of fruit of every sort and in particular olives, besides other things necessary for the table.  This place is inhabited by a population possessing unusual intelligence, creativity, and well spoken ways.”

Matteo Del Monte, History of Montegridolfo, 1913

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