Product Description

It is a single variety oil produced by the cultivar Correggiolo, an obscure albeit well-endowed and rich variety.
The fragrance is characterized by pleasant hints of intense artichoke, almond and green olive and grass.

The mellow taste of this single cultivar oil is immediately striking . The scents are all-embracing and pervasive, as are the decisive and loaded spicy fragrances, with the strong and striking taste of artichoke and its aromas.

The phenolic and aromatic features make this oil worth noting.
The delicate and subtle artichoke hearts culminates in a beautiful, green and fresh carduus which enriches the unique expression of Correggiolo with sensuality.

Serving Suggestions

Pasta with meat sauce, soups, vegetables, served boiled with everything from grilled red meat, meat cuts, salted codfish, especially the small fish and crustaceans of the Adriatic.

It is also suitable for special desserts .


Glass bottles 100 ml
Glass bottles/cans 250 ml , 500 ml
Tin 3 liter and 5 liter
Bag in Box 3 liter – 5 liters